My Ranking of the Best Survey Sites

[Updated on April 10, 2017] Below are the sites that I've used consistently since June 2016 to earn more than $2,500. They are ranked based on which one earns us the most amount of money with the least amount of effort, and on a consistent basis. I will update this list as earnings change. These are all capable of cashing out using paypal, and have actually payed me.

1) InstaGC ($3 - $5 a day)
This site has the best variety of easy offers, plenty of offer walls, good amount of surveys that you can do daily, very quick payouts with a low minimum needed, has great chat and ticker features to keep motivated, a lot of redemption options, and a quick and reasonable support staff. Best of all the parent company called Day Online Solutions is BBB accredited. Sign up here, if you're insterested!

2) Prizerebel ($2 - $4 a day)
They have one of the best-organized survey sections of all the GPT sites that I've used. They also have a decent amount of offer walls. The biggest benefit of this site, is the amazing payout speed. The redemption options for this website is on par, or perhaps better than instaGC. From my personal experience, this site has always paid out consistently, and has usually paid me within 15 mins ever since I was a silver member. Sign up here, if you're interested!

3) Swagbucks ($0.70 - $1 a day)
This site lends itself the best to a consistent daily routine. The best thing about this site is the video mobile apps, which can make you $18 a month in a mostly passive manner. When it comes to surveys and offers, other sites have more to do and credit better than swagbucks. However, swagbucks has a nice to-do-list feature and daily goal meter on the home page, which helps me stay focused. Another great benefit of this site is the constant opportunities for bonuses by participating in fun challenges like the swago boards, team challenge, collector's bills, and a few more. Sign up now here!

Join Swagbucks!

4) Earnhoney ($0.50 - $1 a day)
This site is fairly new to the survey site scene, and I have tweaked my routine this month to make consistent money here... the new thing for me now is buzz TV. Most of my money from here has come from watching the videos on autopilot. They removed the Roku TV channel called TVGlee and it seems to not be coming back. Those with an extra laptop have claimed that they can make $5 by letting it run most of the day. Sign up here and get $0.50 for free, if you're interested!

5) Pinecone Research ($9 a month)
These guys are hard to be a part of because their sign up process tends to look for certain people. Also, oddly enough you can't sign up for them like the other sites. You have to find a link online that is still active and apply. I sometimes find them on the peanut labs or adgate offer walls as a sign-up offer. I think I found mine randomly by searching on google. Anyways, the best part about this site is that they send you surveys directly to your email that you're already qualified for automatically. I have never gotten kicked out of one of their surveys, and they may even surprise you with a product sample chance. They always pay $3 for every survey and $3 more for product sample follow-up surveys.

New sites that I just joined in Jan. 2017:

6) Keep Rewarding ($0.14 - $1 a day)
This site is the newest that I've discovered, but so far it has surprised me. It has the most offer walls out of all the sites that I've ever tried, so you wont be bored if you like hunting for offers like I do. Best of all, it pays the most for similar offers on other sites. I'm still trying to make a daily routine, but I can make between $0.15-$1.00 a day using clicks, coupons, and a few lifescripts. The survey section is something that I will be trying soon. The only major downside of this site is the really slow payout, but the good news is that the site does pay you. If you are interested in this unique site, sign up here!

7) Gifthulk ($0.01 - $0.04 a day)
This is a new site for me that I just started in 2017. I'm still trying to develop a daily routine for this site. So far they have a few of the popular offer walls like personaly and peanut labs. Their website layout is organized and my favorite section is the "EZ Coins" page in the navigation menu, since it lists simple offers that are crediting the most for users. They also have a "guess the card" game to make a few hulk coins. This site pays less than my top sites that I'm using, which is why I don't use it as much. Sign up here and get a free 250 Hulk Coins if you're interested!

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