Swagbucks Daily Routine

Below is an example of the 2017 daily routine that I follow to make money easily. This table shows the type of offers and surveys that are the most consistent. Try and look for these types. Some days you may have more offers, and others you may only reach the total that I have shown below. Do your best to check the "most popular offers" section on the home screen, since these offers are usually the easiest. To see all the different types of offers that you can do, check out the Swagbucks beginner's guide.

Swagbucks "Minimal Effort" Daily Routine
Task TypePointsBest TimeFrequency
Check facebook for swagcode (usually between 12pm-2pm CST USA version)$0.03any timeeveryday
to-do-list on home page (daily poll, daily search, daily crave, deal of the day)$0.03 any timeeveryday
"Swagbucks Games" section, play the swagasurus game (credits every 2 games)$0.10 any timeeveryday
Searches (random search wins made with their search engine)$0.10 any timeeveryday
Watch videos (mobile watch apps $0.10 each atleast)$0.60all dayeveryday
Survey disqualification points$0.05 any timeeveryday
Try all answer surveys and get 1 gold survey to credit$0.50 all dayeveryday
1 survey from PL or email invite$0.20 morning everyday
Print coupon from Offer Toro and Revenue Universe$0.15 morning everyday
Clicks (R1 and adgate)$0.02 morning everyday
Lifescript$0.25 any time3X a week
Insurance Branch: check adscend/adgate/revenue universe$0.10 any time2X a week
Daily Breaks: check home popular offers, adgate, adscend$0.10 any time2X a month
Potential Total Made$2.23


  1. Could you make a video of you doing the daily routine?

    1. Hi Colin, great to see you checking out my swagbucks daily routine. Sadly, I don't have experience making videos yet, and don't have much time for learning at the moment...very sorry. However, I will keep this in mind as a future plan and would love to incorporate video tutorials to my website. If you would like to ask me any specific questions, I'm here to help though. Also, if you visit the instaswagcash facebook page, you can shoot me a message on there if you'd like.