Survey Advice

Surveys are the best way to make the most money on these sites. They are a great way to get your voice heard by big companies developing TV shows, movies, food products, and much more. You also have the potential to earn an added incentive by qualifying for product samples. The best part is that you get to keep these samples and they are free. Personally, I have gotten soups, toothpaste, chewing gum, shirts, lotion, wipes, and few other useful products.

Another great incentive that may come from a survey are group online panels, where you may be paid up to $200 for participating in a two hour interview. You can also participate in home studies where you fill out diaries for a certain time. These types of incentives can definitely add up.

The trick to qualifying for surveys is being honest and consistent in your answers. Pay attention to trick or trap questions that are meant to see if you are focused. Not everyone will get the same surveys since companies are looking for different demographics. Sometimes being single will be the desired criteria and sometimes being a married parent will be the golden ticket to qualifying for a survey.

The nicest surveys that I like to look for are livesamples. These are the most consistent and I can usually qualify for them within a few tries. The higher the pay of a survey the higher the chance for you to get disqualified. Don't worry and just move on to the next. Here is a list of the surveys that work best for me: livesamples, Peanut labs, tap research, sampilicious, and your surveys.

Good luck!


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