What to Expect Realistically

Remember that this way of making money is not going to make you rich. This is for someone that is looking to earn a few extra bucks for bills, Christmas and birthday gifts, vacations, and to maybe invest into a savings account. It does take me a lot of work to make $400 in a month, but if you have the extra time on your hands, why not make money with your home internet and devices that are laying around?

Who is this for?

This is a perfect opportunity for people that are spending a lot of time at home or near a place with public WiFi. That's why this works best for those that are unemployed, disabled, college students, retired, or are stay-at-home parents. All of these individuals can incorporate a few moments a day to take a few surveys, watch videos, and do a few offers.


What about Demographics?

There are some people that will have very favorable demographics and qualify for a lot surveys, and others that wont. In the time that I've spent chatting online with fellow survey site workers, I've learned that some of them are making $200 a week using a single site due to favorable demographics. So, basically it comes down to trying your luck and seeing if you qualify for high paying surveys. You don't know until you try, right? At least, this was my attitude, and plus it's free to try!

Internet Recommendations

Also, I recommend using the best internet plan that you can personally afford. If you are going to be watching a lot of videos to make the bulk of your money, make sure that you check and see that you do not exceed your monthly data cap. AT&T makes this easy for me to check thanks to a monthly internet usage meter that I can see by simply logging into my account.

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