Coupon Printing Tips

Coupon printing is the most consistent way to earn an easy few cents daily, and has the added benefit of saving money on things that you are buying anyways. The survey sites that we are using take you to, which is a very popular site for printing coupons online. Make sure to use your computer when printing coupons since some offer walls may not show this offer on a mobile device. Offer Example Offer Example

There is a certain time of day which is best for printing out coupons, since the daily cap may be met late in the day (the offers will redirect to a random page in this case). Coupons usually reset at the following times: (offer toro: 1:00 am CST, Radium one: 2:15 am CST, Revenue Universe: 1:00 am CST, InstaGC wall: 1:00 am CST). If you are not a night owl, you can usually print them all in the morning or through the afternoon, with the exception of the "offer toro" coupons, since these cap rather quickly.


Step 3: Click to Clip Coupons
1. Click on an offer for printing coupons (best offer walls to check are radium one, offer toro, and adgate)
2. Close and ignore the sign up pop-up
3. Click on the coupons that you want in order to clip them (Only need to print about 3-5 coupons)
4. Once done, click on the red printer icon on the top right to print your coupons

5. First time, you will have to provide a phone number to get a one time verification code via text
Step 4: Printer Icon
6. Save coupons to PC with default printer. Here you have a few options:
7. If notified, download the printer plug-in/extension
8. Let it sit for about 5 mins on the "Thank You for Printing" page.
9. You should receive credit in about 10 mins, but can sometimes be delayed. There is no need to keep the "thank you" page open after waiting for 5 mins.

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