Recommended Devices

Here is a list of the devices that work the best for me when it comes to watching videos and multitasking between clicks, offers, and surveys.

Cheap Mobile Devices:

  • Motorola G4 play: This phone is our newest investment and has the added benefit of running the latest android OS Marshmallow at a great price of $99. Overall, this phone is great for running the swagbucks mobile apps due to its long lasting battery. It is sold as unlocked and can easily be a great budget phone. Currently, amazon has the best deal on this phone. 

  • Nexus 4: This is my current budget phone that I purchased new a few years back and it still works perfectly. I run the swagbucks mobile apps and instagc videos on this device when I'm not using it, and has a great battery life. It can install the Lollipop android OS and will work to download all android apps. If you can afford it, the nexus 5, nexus 5x, and nexus 6p will work even better. This is a great budget phone that can be had for as low as $40 on ebay, and maybe even lower if you use the best offer option.  Click here to go to ebay and see a filtered list of currently available nexus 4 with max price set at $55.

  • Moto E 2nd Generation: This is an old phone with long-lasting battery life for running videos at a cheap price.

  • Apple Itouch 4th generation: This is my old ipod that I had laying around and that I put to work as an all day video player for instagc. I keep it plugged in since its battery is not great. These can be found on ebay for about $35-$55. Click here to go to ebay and see a filtered list of currently available 4th generation itouch with max price set at $55.
  • Iphone 4s: This is similar to the itouch, but with the added benefit of being able to use ios 9.0 which will come in useful for downloading apps for easy points. If you can afford it, try to buy the oldest capable phones that can updated to the latest ios 10.0, which are the iphone 5, 5c or 5s. When buying newer apple devices make sure to check that it's not icloud/activation locked. Click here to go to ebay and see a filtered list of currently available iphone 4s with max price set at $55.
  • Amazon Fire/Fire HD tablet: this is a nice cheap tablet from a reputable company and has decent reviews considering the bargain price of $49 for the non-HD and $89 for the new HD version.

  • RCA voyager tablet: This can be found at walmart for about $30-$50.
  • HP Stream 7: A lot of people online are recommending this device as great option for multitasking. Check out amazon and walmart for the best price. Typically ranges between $50-$199.

Cheap PCs:

  • Dell T3400/T3500: These PCs are old but are a great bargain for the speed that you get out of the Xeon quad core processer. This type of processor is a few steps behind from today's i5 and i7 processors. However, considering that I use mine to multitask between three browsers with multiple tabs open and videos playing in the background, it doesn't do too bad. It runs 3D CAD programs flawlessly and gaming emulators as well. We are using these primarily for money making, so hardcore gaming is not an issue that we will have. Recently, I acquired one of the T3500 on ebay for just $25! Granted, I did have to pick it up locally :). This PC can typically be bought on ebay or amazon between $100-$300, unless you get lucky like me on ebay. Try to get at least 8 GB of memory, possibly a 3.0 GHz CPU, and make sure windows is installed for the best experience. Click here to go to ebay and see a filtered list of newly listed Dell T3500 for as low as $95.
  • Dell T5400/T5500: My main computer that I use is a dell T5400 and is capable of having dual quad core processors. My PC has a quadro FX1700 graphics card, 16 GB of memory, one E5410 2.33 GHz CPU, and a WiFi adapter. Not a beast of a computer, but one of the best computers that I have ever owned. It serves me perfectly for multitasking, using 3D CAD, video editing, and even light gaming. All for the price of just $180! I found this PC while searching online for an affordable solution to run SolidWorks and it has delivered. If you can afford it, try to look for the newer version: the dell T5500. Click here to go to ebay and see a filtered list of newly listed Dell T5400 with max price set at $200.

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