InstaGC Daily Routine

Below is an example of the 2017 daily routine that I follow to make money easily. This table shows the type of offers and surveys that are the most consistent. Try and look for these types. Some days you may qualify for a lot of surveys and reach $10 with them alone, and others you may only reach the total that I have shown below. Do your best to look for offers that are crediting for a lot of members in the ticker, since this means that most likely you will get it also. To see all the different types of offers that you can do, check out the instaGC beginner's guide or check the currently crediting offers page to see what offers are popular.

InstaGC "Minimal Effort" Daily Routine
Task TypePointsBest TimeFrequency
Check for facebook point booster code$0.05 any time 1X a week
Watch videos (InstaGC earn tab)$0.25all day everyday
Print coupon from Offer Toro$0.15 morning everyday
Print coupon from Radium One$0.19 morning everyday
Print coupon from main wall$0.05 morning everyday
Enter the free daily sweepstakes$- any time everyday
Clicks (instagc, adgate, R1)$0.05 morning everyday
Insurance Branch: check adwall, adgate, instagc wall, and PL$0.13 any time 2X a week
Daily Breaks: check first main wall, adgate, adwall$0.20 any time 2X a month
Get credit for 1 out of 2 LiveSample surveys(filtered by "daily" on main insta wall)$1.05 morning everyday
1 survey from either Adwall yoursurveys, PL, or earn tab$0.60 morning everyday
5 survey disqualification points (earn tab attempts)$0.05 any time everyday
1 Lifescript: use the "registrations" filter on the instagc wall or go here$0.25 any time 2X a week
1 out of 3 chat codes (chat available after redeemed $5)$0.05 any time everyday
Potential Total Made$3.07


  1. Hi, I was wondering when you watch videos on InstaGC, do you have to stay on the video tab to get credited? Or can you have them playing in another tab?

    1. Hi Belle G, Welcome! Good question, for the "watch video" under the earn tab, I find that the best method is to open a new window for each video playlist. I like to use chrome since it puts the least stress on my PC. This way I let the videos run in the background (not visible to me) while I'm working on something else. However, the new videolab videos from offer toro have to be on top to be credited. So, I do video lab when I step away from my PC. Let me know if you have any more questions!