How to Get Lifescript Offers to Credit?

Lifescripts are very easy offers to complete and are widely available across almost all walls. However, they are some of the most annoying offers to get to credit. A lot of people refer to them as hit-and-miss type of offers for this reason. Most people, myself included, still do them often because they can be done quickly while you wait for something else to credit. The payout can be very good, since some walls may offer them for as high as $0.48 (on adwall/adscend) for just one. Below are some of my best tips for getting them credit more often. You may also experience that some walls, like peanut labs and the instagc’s main wall, tend to credit much better. Leave a comment if you have any other tips that you’ve learned over the years.

Types of Lifescripts:

  1.  Banner Lifescripts: These are the easiest type of lifescripts and will typically say “banner” in the title of the offer. You can search for banner on the instagc main wall to get a filtered list of these types of offers. For these offers, all you do is fill-in your email, submit and let it sit for 30 sec at least.
  2. Regular Lifescripts: These are the lifescripts where you have to fill-in all the personal info, then submit and let the page sit.

Tips that Work for Me:

  1. Clear out the cookies and cache between each try (I like to use chrome for this with the vanilla cookie manager extension)
  2. If using the chrome browser, get the vanilla cookie manager extension (whitelist all sites that you want to stay logged into and check "protect whitelisted cookies" under "show options" of the vanilla cookie manager)
  3. Fill out email for banner lifescripts OR fill out everything with real info for regular lifescripts (you may end up getting a sample for free in the mail, it does actually happen, but it’s rare)
  4. Create new emails and alternate emails from different providers. I have used providers such as: yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, zoho, and gmx. You don’t have to keep making too many emails and sometimes old emails will do the trick.
  5. (Only for regular lifescripts) After putting in personal info, make sure to check two boxes in each question, and answer all yes.
  6. Click on submit button and let it sit for 30 sec to 2 mins. Usually most credit instantly, but some may have a bit of a credit delay.
  7. After waiting, if no credit has been given, you should close the offer page and try again. Remember, to clear the cache and cookies every time you try.

Payment Proof of a Good Day with Lifescripts:

Here is proof of how I got 16 lifescripts ($7.36) in one day with just about an hour of trying. Note how I got this on one offer wall, which was on adgate.

Payment Proof of a Good Day on Adgate with Lifescripts

Payment Proof of a Good Day with Lifescripts


  1. Any tips on the consumer rewards ones?

    1. For some reason, those are really random for me and rarely credit. Only tip I have for those is creating a new email, but that hardly works for me. Feel free to share any advice on here if you figure out how to get them.

  2. This guide doesn't explain why you create multiple emails.

    1. Sometimes the Lifescript system tends to be a bit picky and will credit once you give it a new email. Also, you may not want to use your real email since it may send you spam emails, which are not too bad since you can unsubscribe from them anyways.

  3. This guide works to help with the timer just use a stop watch. I've made $2 just from life scripts alone. Thanks for the helpful tips op.

    1. Thank you for sharing your success with Lifescripts! I'm glad that I could help you, and hope you get many more lifescripts also!

  4. Works great for me. Thank you sooo much!!!:)